For the uninitiated, KNK road is named after Khader Nawaz Khan, who was a noble in the court of Umdat-ul-Umrah, son of the Nawab of Arcot. The locality has always been aristocratic. A lot of the area belonged to Andhra zamindars, and many people of high rank had houses nearby. Eventually the aristocratic bunglows gave way to plush stores and restaurants and it has remained so over the last two decades. If you haven’t visited the place in a year or so, chances are high that you wouldn’t have an idea about the new eateries. This will help you out.

Nasi and Mee Asian Canteen

Nasi and Mee translates to ‘rice and noodles’ in Bahasa, with ‘mee’ coming from the Cantonese word for noodles – mien. Having evolved over the years through a variety of cultural influences– Chinese, Malay, Indian and Persian–South East Asian food is known to be a delicious melting pot of fusion cuisine. The inspired menu spans the spectrum from tried-and-tested classics to the adventurous from the street & hawker stalls of Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. You’ll be spoilt for choice! The place has taken the city’s culinary circles by storm with its authentic flavours, fresh ingredients and great taste. Not to mention the industrial chic décor, quirky murals and friendly staff give it a cool canteen vibe.

Ink 303

For years now, the swish KNK road was missing a resto-pub and with Ink 303 even that gap has been successfully filled. It is one of the hip places in town that has been garnering curiosity from young and old alike. The place offers familiar cocktails as well as quite a few you haven’t heard of. As for food, the place offers great Oriental options. It has a brightly-lit dining space near the entrance, a bar section with stools in the middle, followed by a comfortable lounge area at the back, that is slightly dark to maintain privacy. Ink 303 is a cool place to grab a few drinks after work or just unwind after a hectic day.

Studio, Slate Hotel

Most of you would be familiar with The Park Pod hotel at KNK Road. This popular place just got a swanky makeover and is supposed to be the new party place in town. Run by a new team, the hotel is now called The Slate hotel and boasts of an amazing lounge bar, Studio. As you head up the stairs to the 135-seater bar, do not get surprised to see the kickboxing ring on the ground floor. It adds a different vibe and energy to the place. There are no fighters sweating out in the middle of the ring, though! The entire bar has a movie studio theme to it replete with movie banners, marquis lamps and cool graffiti around. The menu is multi-cuisine and has plenty of options. There is something for everybody!

The Thick Shake Factory

Not in a mood to eat but want to have your sugar cravings fixed? How about some sinful thick shakes, milkshakes, slushes or cold coffee! The Thick Shake Factory on KNK road will spoil you with choices. Originally a Hyderabad-based chain, the franchise launched in Nungambakkam early this year. Their Belgian chocolate shake and Strawbanana are the most popular items from the menu. It also has interesting options like Oreo koffee, mojito mint, tropical refresher and strawberry melon. 

Mother Cluckers

Don’t get carried away by the name, this cool café has lots to offer. Opened in March this year, the place has an industrial finish, perky decor that includes blue and red seating and is already a big hit in Bengaluru. Sadly, the place unlike its Bengaluru counterpart doesn’t serve liquor. But then, the food more than makes up for it! They offer all kinds of comfort food with a hint of desiness. From lamb kofta with pita bread to paneer ramen and pulled pork tikka on pav; you name it they have it. They also have delicious dessert options and the star item in this category is their six-layered chocolate cake. Bid adieu to dieting!



If you still haven’t heard of this one, well we can only presume you have been living under a rock. While there is an outlet at the Phoenix MarketCity, if you don’t like dining in malls, then you should rather come over to the KNK outlet. Mamagoto, which roughly translates to ‘playing with food’ has added a fun vibe to pan-Asian cuisine in the city. The casual dining place focuses mainly on the regional cuisines of China, Thailand and Japan (including a few popular choices from Indonesia, Burma and Malaysia). The interiors of the restaurant done in bright colours also add to the spunk. It is a must-visit place for all those who love Asian cuisine.

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