Of late, Kilpauk, Purusawalkam and Vepery has become the new hotspot for cafes and eateries. A lot many are popping up serving delicious fusion food, snacks and much more. The latest entrant in this burgeoning food arena is Sector 99. The well-lit and swish interiors are an instant draw. The long table at the centre will remind you of a bar set-up but this place is strictly non-alcoholic. However, talk of food and this café has loads to offer.

It is a vegetarian place and is owned by Mehul Bhayani. All the items in the menu are priced below INR 200.

If you love spicy, slurp on their spicy noodles soupie. It’s their take on Maggie with veggies and masala. Perfect for a time when there is a slight nip in the air. For chaat lovers, a unique item is the Potato Basket. With a stuffing comprising tangy chutneys, sev and other chaat staples inside potato cups; this one is a cool desi take on the English potato jackets. Sector 99 also gives bhel with a twist: one with Maggi and another with Papad. And in case you love cheesy, do give a shot to Three Way Monaco Bites. Right from the way it is presented to the cheesy goodness sandwiched between the Monaco biscuits, you will savour every moment of it.

Designer Dabeli and Chilli Cheese Paratha are two other items on the menu, which we demolished. The latter was all about cheese stuffed in flaky parathas – who says no to them, right!

Paneer Naan Pizza

Their Paneer Naan Cheese Pizza is another star dish that you need to absolutely try out. The naan base is almost like thin-crust base but still retains the unique identity of naan. It is topped with cheese, paneer and sauces. We found it quite satisfying. The fusion pasta prepared with a hint of pudhina mixed in the white sauce, adds a certain spunk to the mundane dish.

The place also serves interesting milk shakes including chocolate chip, oreo, kit-kat, classic caramel and rose varieties.

Location: Ormes Road, Kilpauk