On the Broadway Street, lies a non-descript building complex referred to as the Gujarati Mandal (Gunavanti building). In the evenings and weekends, it is common to find the place buzzing with activity. On the ground floor of the building is it famous restaurant that serves authentic Gujju food from khaman dhokla, fafda, thepla to kadhi and sabzi. And in the mango season, they also serve delicious aamras.

They primarily serve a thali that comprises of two to three snack items like dhokla, pakoda or small kachori and then roti, rice, 2 to 3 varieties of curries, kadhi, dal and even sambhar. They also give out a sweet or halwa at the end. They give unlimited servings and the price is quite economical. You can relish authentic Gujarati food to your heart’s content. The aamras in summers is their star item and tastes divine.

Apart from the thali, there is separate section where you can buy dhokla, kachori, jalebi, rasmalai, gulab jamun, fafda and thepla by the grams.

This is an ideal no-frills place, where you just need to go for savouring authentic Gujarati food.

Location: 116, Gunavanthi Bhavan Complex, Broadway Street, Behind High Court, George Town

Timings11.30 am to 3 pm and 7 pm to 10 pm