Is the sweltering heat making you crave for cool and soothing stuff? How about some thandi lassi! We thought as much. A shop in Halls Road has plenty of lassi choices to lure you this summer. We devoured their blueberry and malai lassi. They are thick and creamy, just like it is preferred up north! Jaipurya-The Desi Gourmet, started by Rahul Nahar, also serves fruit creams, iced tea and sandwiches. The store intends to give the authentic Rajasthani lassi taste to Chennaiites in myriad innovative flavours.

The store uses locally-sourced milk and prepares the curd in-house. The outlet claims that their beverages are preservative-free.

Mango lassi is the current seasonal favourite and the chocolate lassi options like Nutella and Oreo lassi are favoured by kids. Those who love citrus notes, opt for Blueberry, Pineapple or Pomegranate lassi. But if you prefer sticking to the original rich lassi, they have the thick Malai lassi and Kesar Elaichi Malai flavours.

The store also serves Nutella-based toasts and a few sandwich varieties.

The lassi prices range from INR 85 to 160.

Location: 6, Halls Road, Near Mathsya, Egmore

Timings10 am to 12 midnight

Images Source : Instagram